East Avon Fire Department

Station information

The East Avon Fire Department works under the Part Town of Avon Fire District, covering approximately 38 square miles and 7,000 residents. The Department operates with a Quad, Quint, Pumper, Engine, 2 Support Vehicles and 3 Chiefs Vehicles which run out of our two stations.

Station 1 is located at 1615 West Henrietta Road, in the Hamlet of East Avon.

Station 2 is located on Sacket Road, near Littleville Road, on the southwest side of the fire district.


The East Avon Chemical Hose Company was formed in August of 1926, when the VanZandt Hose Company donated chemical fire trucks to them. In 1939, the East Avon Volunteer Fire Department Incorporation was formed and still serves the Town of Avon, excluding the Village of Avon.


The East Avon Fire Explorer Post is a program offered through the cooperation of the Boy Scouts of America Learning for Life Exploring Program. Young adults ages 14 to 18 can be part of a program that stresses respect, discipline, organization and teaches the foundation of firefighting and emergency medical service while having fun!

The purpose of the Explorer Post is to teach these young adults the basics of firefighting, emergency medicine, and running an organization. The post is modeled after the fire department which is based on a paramilitary organization. The Explorers elect their own officers each year to lead the post.

The Explorers participate in the fire department’s monthly drills. This allows them to actively interact and learn with the firefighters. The Explorers can also attend the fire department’s monthly meeting where they will learn about parliamentary procedure and Robert’s Rules of Order.

Our Explorers also have the ability to respond up to the fire station and respond on other fire equipment if there is room from them to calls. They also assist and participate with the fire department in numerous other functions such as marching in parades, assisting with fundraisers and other work details.

The East Avon Fire Explorer Post invites both young adults and their parents to come visit our program. With Exploring you can make lots of friends and have a great experience most kids don’t get to have!

If you have any questions or want more information, stop in any Monday evening at 7:00pm.

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